Is that so?

What a naturanl Disaster is that so? who created ? Nature !!! Cause Human Being that we wont see.

Ignorance to our Mother land is the reason for all the worries and the main reason for all the things that are happening in the world. Science is discovering things day by day and nature is destroying us sec by sec what a great combination.

we have everything but lack of one thing that is sence. I am right i guess so!



Soul is alone from my birth as it grows,
suffering emptiness no one knows.
had many relations, it goes through many emotions,
still this emptiness come around when no one around.
who you searching for i ask when i am alone,
i ended up like many years gone..

Emptiness is killing me inside,
still i carry a smile.
fake, i live fake now when someone around.
as gone i go empty,as i was born.

There is moon for sun, ground for sky
are they proving your soul need someone to survive?
cant touch the sky, cant hold ground,
cant bear the heat,cant live in backout.
they are miles apart still lives when one sleeps.
tears of sky holded by this gound.{rain}
day heat peaced by night light.{heat sun,, moon Light}
this perfect combinations you cant find.

Still search for the one to peace my soul,
no clue no sign of her i found.
Emptiness is all left, all alone i am dying.
Is marriage the last answer left?
if than my soul suffer this lonliness
there will nothing to escape
just me and my emptiness.

Incredible India

Incredible is marvelous,wonderful,amazing,astonishing and more
nothing can prove the meaning of word incredible nothing can stand the full of this but India is a country which consist of all it meanings.
The meaning of word incredible should be India apart from writing a whole lot of meaning write just INDIA. Any one can understand what it means than.

I am proud to be an Indian. Born and brought up in different states of India. Grow up watching different culture of India. A vivid and rich cultural country none country can stand in-front of it. India consist of most talented people in the world. But most of the people ended up showing there talent to bathroom or in-front mirror or showing them to there close friends or to family members that is the reason why when they grow up ended up destroying their talent. More than any country, India having maximum no of engineers, doctors are little behind but these doctors are more successful. Engineers are there but unemployed because of the government these government authorizing the fake and worst collages making money out of us,engineers. This whole education is a business in India.
We have high talented doctors but still we go to some Baba’s later we watch on television that is a sex baba or some shit baba than we realize what the hell we did this news are very common in India news televisions.
We all live together sharing a bond of friendship all culture all religion together great no. we showing that we are great people. But we dont show what is behind. We hate some people because of there religion because of there culture. We back bite more than we bite food.

There are lots more incredible things about India. There is two sides of coin. I am jut pointing out one side. Other side may be beautiful but the bad side is destroying the good side.
Its Like a insect eating us from inside.

This is real.


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